Very carefully please read out the points mentioned below

If you are accessing the themes listed in Theme Saturn that means by default you have accepted all terms and conditions of the same.


The themes added in Theme Saturn comes under the GPL license.

Fewer Requirements

All premium WordPress themes in our list are basically created to suits WordPress’s fewer requirements. The minimum requirements are mentioned in this URL you can check it out.

If all WordPress requirements are not fulfilled by the hosting provider you choose, then there is a possibility that our theme might not have that specific functionality.

Pricing structure

From time to time the pricing structure can differ. As per the actual price on a particular purchase day, it will be charged.

Themes bundle purchase is a one-time purchase?

No, You will have to pay $69 for every year of All Themes Package and $99 every year for  themes+ plugins bundle. To get updates and access to all new themes after 1 year period. For additional discounts and offers, you can ask ours sales team.

Policy of Refund

We do offer a NO REFUND policy that means all our sales are final. Therefore we keep asking you to check all terms and conditions before purchase. If you have purchased the theme that means you already have agreed to our terms and conditions.

For refunds, our All Themes Package does not qualify. Moreover, subscriptions and renewals also do not qualify refund policy. If you have purchased all themes package before kindly email us your queries. Before getting it renews again you need to cancel the subscriptions and renewals with the 1-year time duration.


The Customer from European Union will be charged additional VAT by that particular gateway for which they are asking for an invoice if they are using the FastSpring gateway. If you do not want to pay extra tax then you need to fill the VAT-ID when it’s required. If you are trying to pay with the help of PayPal you will not be asked to pay such taxes as we are in India.


From scratch, all of our coding work is done. Along with this all of our themes follow the WordPress coding standards. Here you can check the coding standards of WordPress

The images we have used on our WordPress themes have taken from Flickr which allows you to take images for commercial use. Or some of our images are from GPL compliant. Because such images come from third-party sources we cannot guarantee these images copyright.

On our website, we are just focusing to sell our themes, not the images. The images we are using on our themes are just for demo purposes. any of the images that you found on our website for protection with copyright then either can be purchased or can be given due credit to owners.


For any kind of costs, claim damages, demands, liabilities, or expenses that might arise because of our services or themes or breach of these conditions and terms we (the company, director, employees, CEO, or any directly related to this company) will not be responsible.

Also, we are not responsible for any punitive, indirect, direct, consequential, or special damage by the usages of our themes, website, or by the services we offered.

Theme Support
  1. During the weekends we do not work which means we take off on Saturday and Sunday and will not be able to provide support or reply back to your emails on such days. However, if in case your query is very urgent we do reply back.
  2. We are not getting paid or didn’t get paid from your clients. So it’s a request to not post via forum or emails by saying that “I have to deploy the website work tomorrow and it’s very urgent so please get this done for us”. Moreover, we are not supposed to be getting intricate in such cases. Until we respond to you back you can display to your clients that their work is in progress.
  3. Most of the themes in Theme Saturn are bug-free. However few people relate their bugs with custom requirements. So, some support like placing a search box somewhere else, removing it, or would like to have a different button format, resolving issues of CSS will be considered as the customer requirements. Thus it clearly suggests that it is not bugs in our themes. So for such kind of request, we will need your website and access to it.
  4. Most of the new users did not know the process of theme installation, for such customers, we are here to help. We will assist such customers in installing the theme. Access to your website will be needed to help you. To cause any type of problem in your website we do not save your access for spammers or hackers. Later on, once you get the help you can modify the password. We will not be able to help you if you are not ready to give access to your website. In such case we will only be able to provide instructions via email.
  5. Usage of third-party plugins of security, fancy galleries, or fancy jQuery sliders might do not work on any WordPress theme along with the functionality. Not just our themes but you will find that most other themes will also not help you in such functionality. So it is a humble request to only use plugins that are well-known and more popular.
  6. During installation, if you get any error of a theme, then you just need to send us all your access. There is a possibility that the installation process you are doing is wrong that’s the reason you are getting errors. We will help you by installing the FREE theme on your server.
  7. For some, the above-mentioned rules might seem bad. But you can trust us we do like to have long-time customers or repeat customers. We would surely like it if you feel our themes worthy and would like to keep purchasing them for your websites. If this is the case, we ensure you that 99% of the request we received will be fulfilled.
  8. We have a complete right to deny the request of such customers whose subscription is expired within a week and still they are asking us to give access to new themes launched on our website. We also have the right to deny the support request to the users who are rude, misbehave, and have posted negative reviews elsewhere about our website and trying to blackmail us with that. For any vendor, this is not a healthy reason for client relationships.
On all your themes work?

Yes, they work fine on premium, eCommerce, and business plans where they allow adding external premium themes.


Indirect or direct taxes are not charged by our company. On our website, the theme prices mentioned are all final.

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